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Purchasing a house

Basically, this is a good time to purchase a home in Sendai. Mortgage rates are still low. There might be moderate increases, but the present tendency of low rates is expected to endure. The purchase prices of houses also remain moderate, though they have begun to rise in some places.

The market price seems at the rock bottom because of slow economy in Japan.

Although, decresing number of people in Japan may not alow big raise in price, limited suplly may not alow further decrease of price.

What's it going to cost?

Before going into the typical cost of Japanese homes, it must be taken into consideration that homes in Japan, tend to be smaller than American or Canadian ones. Bear in mind that the more than 126 million people in Japan live on a land surface even smaller than California, U.S.A. So prices are much higher.

Take the example of a typical detached, one family house of average size; one with about 125 square meters (ca. 1,167 sq. ft) of living space. Such a place in the Sendai, Japan cost about JPY25million to 35million.

How to find a home

As in every country there are certain procedures for finding an apartment or home and closing the sale. It is popular among Japanese to visit locan real estate agent.

For sale information of brand new home could be seen on the newspapers . But the information of used house for sale would be obtained through realtors.

Q1. How can I find a house in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan?
Q2. What is the comsumpation tax on a house?
Q3. How much is the realtor fee?
Q4. What is the lelated expense?

Q1. How can I find my home in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan?
A1. You can go to one of the realtor's office and tell your request.
You can also call us t 022-264-4666 or email us.
Q2. What is the consumption tax on a house?
A2. When you purchase a house. Land is tax-exempt, while house is taxable(5%).
Q3. How much is the realtor fee?
A3. The realtor fee is 3% of your purchase + 60,000 exclusive of consumption tax.
Q4. What is the related expense?
A4. The total expense including realtor fee would be aproximately 8 - 10% of your purchase.
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